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There are many benefits to gain by pre arranging your funeral. A prepaid funeral plan protects you against rising funeral costs. It also helps your loved ones and friends by reducing the stress and financial worry that may occur at the sometimes difficult and emotional time of arranging a funeral.

Financial guarantee:

The cost of a funeral over the last few years has increased greatly, mainly due to the rising fees for doctors, cemeteries, crematoria and clergy. Our funeral plan prices are fixed at today’s costs so you will be protected against future increases in funeral director costs, also by taking out a Bristol Funeral Plan you can rest assured that all your funeral directors services will be paid for in full, regardless of any interim rise in the cost of your funeral director fees.


A funeral that may have cost £1,500 ten years ago would now cost in excess of £3,000, a substantial increase over that period of time. By arranging a Bristol Funeral Plan now you can be certain that neither your relatives or executors will be overburdened financially in the future. Assuring your affairs are in order will give you a feeling of comfort in the knowledge that your loved ones will not suffer additional responsibility in the future. You will have removed from them the emotional and financial burden by taking action now. Not only can you be certain that the arrangements are exactly as you would want, but also that they will not have to be concerned about making any wrong decisions when carrying out your wishes.


A Bristol Funeral Plan also offers the added benefit of personalisation; you can be remembered the way you want to be. You can make your own decisions about your funeral creating a service that is unique to you. It also reduces the difficult decisions your loved ones, who would otherwise be left to decide, reducing any unnecessary stress and knowing what you would have wanted for your funeral.

A Bristol Funeral Plan can offer all of the above, giving you reassurance and guarantee that you will receive the funeral of your wishes.

What is a Bristol Funeral Plan?

A Bristol Funeral Plan enables you to make a decision now regarding the funeral arrangements you wish to be carried out, pay for them at today’s prices and relax in the sure knowledge that everything will be conducted exactly as planned, by the funeral directors that you have selected.

Bristol Funeral Plans carry a guarantee that defies inflation. All payments for the plan are placed in the hands of independent trustees, TLT Solicitors, Bristol, so you can be sure that your investment will remain secure. The assets of the trust are managed by an independent fund manager who has appropriate authorisation to provide this service.


The Bristol Funeral Plan provides added security.

When you have enrolled in one of our plans you will be:

  • Secure in the knowledge that a local funeral director is familiar with your wishes and will be available to carry them out when the time comes.
  • Secure in the knowledge that you have paid for your funeral directors services at today’s prices and that your family have no need to worry if they can afford to comply with your wishes.
  • Secure in the knowledge that the funds are in safe hands of the independent trustees and that you are not exposed to any risk that your prepayment will reduce in value or fail to keep up with inflation

Payment Plans

We offer various payment options when paying for your Bristol Funeral Plan.

  • Full Single Payment (third party fees may incur an increase at time of need)
  • Fixed Monthly Instalments
  • Full Payment of Funeral Directors services only

If you have any questions regarding our payment options, please contact our Funeral Planning Services on 0800 298 3036

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